Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Help Stop Puppy Mills!

 Picture can be found here

Puppy mills are incredibly horrible places for dogs. The dogs (sometimes hundreds of them) are kept in cages too small for them to move around in, a lot of the time stacked on top of each other allowing waste to drain down on the dog below. The dogs sit in their own waste constantly, never taken out for walks, and never bathed. These dogs are never socialized with humans or other dogs and the females are required to produce litter after litter without any care for the mother or baby's health.

The worst part of all... Puppy mills are NOT ILLEGAL. So, we have to fight and MAKE THEM ILLEGAL. Do your part, and sign the petition!

For more information check out these 11 Facts about Puppy Mills!


  1. Hey Kim, thanks for using my picture! =) You'll be happy to know this one was shut down due to the conditions of the puppy mill and all remnants of this awful place has been wiped out and cleaned up. A week after I took this picture the whole place was cleaned up and hauled away. Even though it's all gone now, I still can't help but think of what went on there and those poor little bull dog puppies as I drive by. They had been operating for years before they were finally shut down. So sad!

    Thanks for making your viewers aware. You rock!


  2. Thanks for stopping by!I've been a little out of commission lately and haven't had any opportunities to blog. But I'm getting back into the swing of things.

    Your photo rocks, despite the fact that it's subject makes me sick. But I think your photo was able to capture the gloom that surrounds puppy mills.