Saturday, March 20, 2010

Being Unemployed Has It's Benefits

Being unemployed does have some hidden benefits (you know, aside from no income). Suddenly, I have lots of free time on my hands. Yes, I've been poke-my-eyes-out bored a couple days, but for the most part, I am SO enjoying this time off. I mean, I couldn't tell you the last time I saw the sun after 3pm on a weekday.

Red bud Tree in Front Yard

Having this time off has given me the opportunity to spend some quality time doing things that make me happy. Taking pictures (such as the one above) is one of these things. So, here you go - this is what I like to do, and who I like to do it with!

This is my Pit Bull, Cheba, 5yr, who LOVES rolling in the dirt, grass, concrete (pretty much anything).

This is Daisy Doodle-Bugs, my sisters Bulldog/Basset Mix. I LOVE spending time with this silly dog.

And, Zeus, my sisters Lab mix. This is a rare photo of him. Do you have any idea what kind of lighting it takes to photograph a black dog? It's exhausting.

And finally Kyla, the misbehaved Pit Bull/Blue Tick Hound mix (also my sisters dog). That is second ball her and Cheba have popped. Sigh.

Man, I wish my camera batteries hadn't died cause there is a killer sunset happening right outside my window :)