Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stupid People Shouldn't Breed

Everywhere I look, I'm seeing more and more stupidity every day. Now, keep in mind, I'm not talking about people with bona fide reasons, such as a disability. But everyone else is fair game.

Such as the idiots at the doctors offices who send us specimens for testing. I've actually seen them write "Patient is on oxegyn", "test for vaginous (its actually vaginosis)", or they've sent in a vaginal swab on a male patient. Yes, people, these are doctors and nurses! I guess they forgot to teach common sense in those fancy med schools.

How about parents giving their kids horrendous names? Like "Harry Butts", "Ted Bear", "Mike Damn." I'm seriously not making this up. These are real names I've seen. I mean, kids get picked on in school enough, why give the bullies even more ammunition?

I just don't know. Stupid People should be shot.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Gym is Not a Strip Club

I joined my local gym in June and for the most part I've been quite pleased with the place (except for this one employee, may he be riddled with a hundred paper cuts). However, I was in no way prepared for what I'll just sum up as "the locker room experience." Maybe it's because I'm only 25 and only took one "real" gym class in high school, but let me say that at our school the whole getting-buck-naked thing didn't happen. The closest it ever got was bra and undies. Period. And it could also be that the offending gym member's I'm about to discuss are of the older variety, where according to my mom at least, naked-in-the-locker room was common place.

But like I said, I was SO not expecting it. In the last 2 months, I've seen more naked elderly women than care to have seen. Now, I realize that the gym, of all places, is somewhere that you should feel comfortable with who you are, while still striving to be a better version of yourself (yada yada Insert more lovin' yourself mush here), but dang there's gotta be limits! For example, last week, my sister and I finished our workout and were getting out stuff out of our locker when, well, I was visually assaulted. I innocently turn around and there is this 60ish woman, naked as the day she was born, facing away from us (thankfully), fiddling with stuff in her gym bag. I was thinking to myself that I was lucky she was turned around, when OMG she bent over. I'm telling ya, there was more grey bush there than in my back yard and the government combined. After gagging inside a bit, I say to my sister, "Well, we now know she dyes her hair."

Come on people, some things are best kept covered!

The photo can be found here.