Monday, May 31, 2010

Creativity Conundrum

Lately I've been feeling a little out of sorts. I am unemployed right now, so that is leaving me precious little things with which to occupy my time. At the same time, however, I suddenly have the time to do things I didn't have time for when I was working. So how is it I have nothing to do?

I guess I really should say there is nothing I feel like doing. Two months ago, I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to devote myself to the book I've been wanting to write since I was 10, but I've succeeded only in changing my mind a hundred times on what story I actually want to write! The problem? I think of a story plot at crazy times, when I'm in the car, a restaurant, the shower, etc. And by the time I am somewhere I can write it down... it's "sizzle" is gone. It just doesn't hold my interest anymore. Maybe I'm just indecisive and not ready to "commit" to a story yet. Or maybe I am the worlds largest closet procrastinator? Yeah, that's probably it.

So maybe I need to get off this blog and do something about writing my future first best seller... Or else maybe I just get off this blog and write SOMETHING!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Help Stop Puppy Mills!

 Picture can be found here

Puppy mills are incredibly horrible places for dogs. The dogs (sometimes hundreds of them) are kept in cages too small for them to move around in, a lot of the time stacked on top of each other allowing waste to drain down on the dog below. The dogs sit in their own waste constantly, never taken out for walks, and never bathed. These dogs are never socialized with humans or other dogs and the females are required to produce litter after litter without any care for the mother or baby's health.

The worst part of all... Puppy mills are NOT ILLEGAL. So, we have to fight and MAKE THEM ILLEGAL. Do your part, and sign the petition!

For more information check out these 11 Facts about Puppy Mills!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Same 'ole, Same 'ole. Or is it?

Sometimes it really amazes me how something you think you know everything about can suddenly seem so foreign if you look at it from a different angle. I like  to call myself open-minded, but am I really? It seems that I have strong opinions on such a wide variety of subjects with little to no info to back up said opinions. I can't remember who, but someone once said, that you have to have a reason for every opinion. That if you state your opinion, and someone asks "Why?" you have to have more than "Just 'cause I do" as a response.

So, this week I'm working on seeing things from a different angle, and trying to perceive things differently than I usually do. I wonder what kind of results I will get.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Being Unemployed Has It's Benefits

Being unemployed does have some hidden benefits (you know, aside from no income). Suddenly, I have lots of free time on my hands. Yes, I've been poke-my-eyes-out bored a couple days, but for the most part, I am SO enjoying this time off. I mean, I couldn't tell you the last time I saw the sun after 3pm on a weekday.

Red bud Tree in Front Yard

Having this time off has given me the opportunity to spend some quality time doing things that make me happy. Taking pictures (such as the one above) is one of these things. So, here you go - this is what I like to do, and who I like to do it with!

This is my Pit Bull, Cheba, 5yr, who LOVES rolling in the dirt, grass, concrete (pretty much anything).

This is Daisy Doodle-Bugs, my sisters Bulldog/Basset Mix. I LOVE spending time with this silly dog.

And, Zeus, my sisters Lab mix. This is a rare photo of him. Do you have any idea what kind of lighting it takes to photograph a black dog? It's exhausting.

And finally Kyla, the misbehaved Pit Bull/Blue Tick Hound mix (also my sisters dog). That is second ball her and Cheba have popped. Sigh.

Man, I wish my camera batteries hadn't died cause there is a killer sunset happening right outside my window :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

To Move On Or Not To Move On?

I've heard it said that some friends aren't forever - that a friend will come into your life to fulfill a purpose and once that purpose has been fulfilled they move on. According to this theory, a shy person might meet an outgoing person, and for unexplained reason they "click". The shy person helps to give the outgoing person some inner calm, and the outgoing person helps the shy person to break out of their shell. When it is time, one or both people will then pass out of the other persons life.

I never had an opinion on this theory. I never contemplated whether I agreed or disagreed with such a fatalist idea. I did however, wonder often "When would you know it's time to move on?"

Some people turn wonderful relationships into a miserable mess when one person wants to leave a relationship and the other doesn't. Lots of arguing and hurt can ensue when one person so desperately wants the other to stay. Eventually, they begin to wonder if all the fighting is worth it. They wonder if they should just let go.

Moving on at the correct time, is vital. Otherwise, you will never truly move on. If you end a relationship too soon, you will always wonder "What if?" So, how do you know when is the best time to move on and to stop fighting it?

Honestly, you just know. You come to a point where you tell yourself, "There is nothing more I can do." Because, no matter how hard you try, you can not change a person. They have to change themselves, and lets face it - They may not want to change whatever it is you want them to change (in this case - they, or you, want to leave a relationship and the other person doesn't). You can fight with them all you want, but deep down it is really a fight against the truth - the relationship isn't good anymore and it is time to move on.

Eventually, you have this moment where suddenly everything is perfectly clear. You realize exactly what you have to do. I think of it like falling in love - if you have to wonder about it, you aren't really in love. Because when you're in love, you KNOW it.

Same goes for falling out of love... and friendships.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stupid Things that Bug Me

Misspellings and mispronunciations!

Now, I realize that people aren't perfect, and saying things wrong and typos happen all the time. This, however, is not what I'm referring to. I'm talking about people who spell and say things wrong and think they are right!

Things like "Wal*Marks", "Scripture" (instead of prescription), "General Dollar" (when referring to ALL dollar-type stores), and "Fustrated" (instead of Frustrated) just annoy the hell out of me.

But the biggest thing that annoys me is the misuse of homophones! So, my friends, here is a list of the homophones I see most often that are misused and their correct uses. Please give it at least a once over.

1. To/Too/Two
*I went TO the market. (used either as a preposition)
*I want to dance. (preceding a verb)
*Katy wanted to go TOO. (if you can use the word "also" instead, then you choose "too"[Katy wanted to go also.])
*We bought TWO bananas. (written form of the number 2)
2. Know/No/Now (not a homophone, but commonly mistaken as one)
*I asked a boy if he KNOWs what 3x3 equals.
*He said NO.
*I said, "Okay, I will show you NOW."
3. Hole/Whole
*I dug a HOLE yesterday.
*I dug the WHOLE thing by myself.
4. Which/Witch
*Melissa remembers Glenda the good WITCH.
*However, she couldn't remember WHICH cartoon she was from.
5. Their/There/They're
*Mark and Jess asked me to come to THEIR house.
*Mark said that THEY'RE having a party tonight. (a contraction of THEY ARE)
*I declined the invite because I didn't want to drive all the way out THERE.

And not exactly a homophone, but still annoying as hell:

* I like Cheesecake more THAN Chocolate Cake.
* If you are going to yell, THEN I am going to leave.

So there it folks.

I know that most of you probably don't care if you irritate me with incorrect use of homophones, however I want to give you one little bit of advice. If you have a job, are in school, or interact with anyone via writing/email/fax etc. then you really need to know the difference between these words. Wouldn't it suck if you got passed over on a sweet promotion because your competition could communicate better than you?

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stupid People Shouldn't Breed

Everywhere I look, I'm seeing more and more stupidity every day. Now, keep in mind, I'm not talking about people with bona fide reasons, such as a disability. But everyone else is fair game.

Such as the idiots at the doctors offices who send us specimens for testing. I've actually seen them write "Patient is on oxegyn", "test for vaginous (its actually vaginosis)", or they've sent in a vaginal swab on a male patient. Yes, people, these are doctors and nurses! I guess they forgot to teach common sense in those fancy med schools.

How about parents giving their kids horrendous names? Like "Harry Butts", "Ted Bear", "Mike Damn." I'm seriously not making this up. These are real names I've seen. I mean, kids get picked on in school enough, why give the bullies even more ammunition?

I just don't know. Stupid People should be shot.